Sean Spees

Full name?

Sean William Spees

How long have you been skating?

Downhill for 2 and a half, street a while longer

What got you started?

My friend and I both bought these garbage ‘moose’ pintails off ebay for 30 dollars, one day at cross country practice Martin Carmody asked what a scar I had was from. We’ve been skating together almost every day since, and we got Jordan into it a few months later.

Education: past, present, and future?

Graduating from Bishop O’Dowd Highschool this year, hopefully I’ll be at Pomona College (not the csu) next year. I hear there’s some Great Mountain Roads in the area.

What stokes you out the most?

Being on a board, it can be hauling ass or just dicking around.

What is your favorite board company?

That’s a tossup, I was raised on the berkely hills so I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for comet decks, but it’s crazy how many companies have got it figured out now and are taking things in new directions. I think the question now is what company DOESN’T make a dope topmount.

What is your favorite truck company?

Mu’fuckin calibers.

What is your favorite wheel company?

Cult Wheels! Not just saying that either, ever since I started skating I’d buy a set of classics when I had the money.

What is your favorite bearing company?

Magic Bearings, rep it local

Best shoes for longboarding?

Airspeed, 5 dollars a pair is the best

Favorite longboarding event and why?

Menlo was insane this year but I’m too stoked for Giants Head next summer.

Other favorite boardsports?

Surfing and Skiing

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Love a good soup or a burrito from any divey taqueria.

Favorite band/musician?

It always comes back to Little Feat, Norah Jones and The Strokes

One thing many people don’t know about you?

I play piano in a jazz trio and I love cats

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